Breaking: #70444 - EXT:form - Form attributes are not rendered in FE

See forge#70444


The TypoScript configuration of EXT:form has been streamlined. Useless attributes for the specific form elements have been removed. Additionally, missing attributes have been added. Furthermore, the array notation of htmlAttributes and htmlAttributesUsedByTheViewHelperDirectly has changed. The whole cleanup was done to provide a solid configuration for the LTS version.


The removed attributes will not be available anymore out of the box for the specific form element. Custom TypoScript which copied, referenced or removed certain attribute configurations will not work anymore.

Affected Installations

Any installation that relies on the structure of htmlAttributes and htmlAttributesUsedByTheViewHelperDirectly. Since the whole configuration has not been documented yet and the functionality has been introduced with 7.5 the possibility that a lot of installations customize the configuration is very low.


Affected installations have to re-add the missing attributes manually and adopt the new array notation.