Breaking: #77344 - EXT:form - Rename configuration for confirmation view

See forge#77344


The typoscript key configuration for the confirmation configuration has been renamed.

Up until now the layout settings of the confirmation view could be addressed via tt_content.mailform.20.confirmation.layout. This setting was introduced with patch 28526 but never documented.

Besides this, the confirmation view enable setting can be set via tt_content.mailform.20.confirmation = 1.

To keep the meaning of the settings clear, it was decided to rename the configuration of the confirmation view.


Having the confirmation view enabled and the confirmation configuration customized, a naming collision occurs. As a result, the confirmation step has been disabled. Since the configuration was never documented, only few people know about this setting.

Affected Installations

All installations enabling the confirmation view and customizing the layout of this view.


All occurrences of tt_content.mailform.20.confirmation.layout have to be migrated to tt_content.mailform.20.confirmationView.layout.