Deprecation: #70052 - TCA Display condition EXT LOADED

See forge#70052


In TCA the EXT:anExtension:LOADED display condition has been marked as deprecated.

Affected Installations

Extensions that use LOADED display conditions. Those can be located by searching for LOADED in the backend module Configuration TCA section, example match from rtehtmlarea:

'static_lang_isocode' => array(
    'displayCond' => 'EXT:static_info_tables:LOADED:true',
    'config' => ...


Do not use any longer. TCA works additive, so the extension that is referenced in EXT:LOADED:extensionName should instead add columns definition instead of the referring extension defining the TCA conditional. In the example above, the column definition of static_lang_isocode was removed from extension rtehtmlarea and moved to extension static_info_tables, adding the field in an Configuration/TCA/Overrides file to the affected table. To ensure the load order of extensions is correct, static_info_tables could set a suggest dependency rtehtmlarea.