Feature: #68771 - Add contentObject functionality to form MailPostProcessor and introduce replyToEmail

See forge#68771


If the form configuration is defined by TypoScript the following items for the MailPostProcessor in ext:form have contentObject functionality now:

  • subject
  • senderEmail
  • senderName
  • recipientEmail
  • ccEmail
  • replyToEmail (newly introduced, replyToEmailField as fallback)
  • priority
  • organization

This feature is not available when building the form with the help of the wizard. The functionality can only be used be setting up the form via TypoScript.


In the mail postProcessor configuration you could do something like this (depending on the names of the form elements):

replyToEmail = TEXT
replyToEmail {
	data = GP:tx_form_form|tx_form|e-mail
	htmlSpecialChars = 1
subject = TEXT
subject {
	data = GP:tx_form_form|tx_form|subject
	htmlSpecialChars = 1
	noTrimWrap = |Mail from Form: ||