Breaking: #43085 - Change GFX settings prefix im_ to generic processor\_

See forge#43085


Graphics processor settings for Image- or GraphicsMagick have been renamed in LocalConfiguration.php. The former prefix im\_ has been replaced with the unified prefix processor\_.

Negative namings like noScaleUp have been changed positive counterparts. During the conversion the previous configuration values are negated to reflect the changes in semantics of these options.

In addition references to specific versions of ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick have been removed from settings names and values. For a detailed list of changes please consult the information in the migration section.

The unused configuration option image\_processing has been removed without replacement.

The processor specific configuration option colorspace has been namespaced below the processor\_ hierarchy.


Existing settings in LocalConfiguration.php are automatically migrated through a silent upgrader when entering the Install Tool. If you modify the settings in AdditionalConfiguration.php or rely on them inside an extension you need to update those.

Affected Installations

Installations which modify those settings directly or access them.


The following table lists the changed configuration keys and the appropriate values if these have changed.

Old name New name
im_version_5 processor The configuration value "im6" has been replaced by "ImageMagick", "gm" by "GraphicsMagick"
im processor_enabled
im_v5effects processor_effects
im_noScaleUp processor_allowUpscaling
im_noFramePrepended processor_allowFrameSelection
im_mask_temp_ext_gif processor_allowTemporaryMasksAsPng
im_path processor_path
im_path_lzw processor_path_lzw
im_stripProfileCommand processor_stripColorProfileCommand
im_useStripProfileByDefault processor_stripColorProfileByDefault
colorspace processor_colorspace