Breaking: #72338 - Removed GraphicalFunctions->nativeCharset

See forge#72338


The property nativeCharset to allow GifBuilder to use other character-sets than UTF-8 for rendering text for has been removed. The default behaviour is now to always consider multi-byte strings via CharsetConverter, as the data is expected to be UTF-8 at all times.

Additionally the methods recodeString() and singleChars() have been removed as the direct equivalent from CharsetConverter is used.


Calling any of the two methods above directly in PHP will result in a fatal error.

Setting $nativeCharset to something else than UTF-8 will have no effect anymore.

Affected Installations

Installations with custom setups and third-party PHP code using GifBuilder or GraphicalFunctions and the $nativeCharset option.


Use CharsetConverter->utf8_to_numberarray() instead of the method singleChars().