Breaking: #72384 - Removed deprecated code from HtmlParser

See forge#72384


The following methods have been removed from HtmlParser:

  • getSubpart()
  • substituteSubpart()
  • substituteSubpartArray()
  • substituteMarker()
  • substituteMarkerArray()
  • substituteMarkerAndSubpartArrayRecursive()
  • XHTML_clean()
  • processTag()
  • processContent()

The following method has been removed from RteHtmlParser:

  • evalWriteFile

The TSconfig option xhtml_cleaning has been removed as well.


Using the methods above directly in any third party extension will result in a fatal error. Setting the xhtml processing option when parsing HTML has no effect anymore as well.

Affected Installations

Instances which use custom calls to HtmlParser via the methods above.


getSubpart() use MarkerBasedTemplateService::getSubpart() instead substituteSubpart() call MarkerBasedTemplateService::substituteSubpart() instead substituteSubpartArray() call MarkerBasedTemplateService::substituteSubpartArray() instead substituteMarker() call MarkerBasedTemplateService::substituteMarker() instead substituteMarkerArray() call MarkerBasedTemplateService::substituteMarkerArray() instead substituteMarkerAndSubpartArrayRecursive() call MarkerBasedTemplateService::substituteMarkerAndSubpartArrayRecursive() instead XHTML_clean() call HtmlParser::HTMLcleaner() instead