Breaking: #72473 - Removed deprecated miscellaneous functions

See forge#72473


Removed deprecated miscellaneous functions

The following methods have been removed:

FlexFormTools::getAvailableLanguages AbstractPlugin::pi_list_searchBox ImportExportController::printContent SearchFormController::checkExistance SearchFormController::checkExistence SchedulerModuleController::render SchedulerModuleController::checkDate SetupModuleController::printContent TypoScriptTemplateModuleController::printContent VersionModuleController::printContent

Last parameter addTofeInterface for ExtensionManagementUtility::addTCAcolumns has been removed.

The following options in the Install Tool have been removed:

FE\strictFormmail FE\secureFormmail FE\formmailMaxAttachmentSize SC_OPTIONS\GLOBAL\softRefParser_GL'


Using the methods above directly in any third party extension will result in a fatal error.

Using one of the options from the Install Tool won't have any effect anymore.

Affected Installations

Instances which use one of the methods above or use one of the removed Install Tool options.