Breaking: #73152 - Symfony console helpers replaced

See forge#73152


By upgrading to Symfony Console 3.x the DialogHelper, ProgressHelper and TableHelper have been replaced. The internal getter methods for these classes have been replaced in Extbase ConsoleOutput.


Calling the following methods with result in a fatal error:

  • ConsoleOutput::getDialogHelper()
  • ConsoleOutput::getProgressHelper()
  • ConsoleOutput::getTableHelper()

The 2nd argument of the following methods is ignored now:

  • ConsoleOutput::progressAdvance()
  • ConsoleOutput::progressSet()

Affected Installations

Extensions which have directly called these methods in favor of the Extbase ConsoleOutput helper methods.


Use the following methods instead:

  • ConsoleOutput::getQuestionHelper()
  • ConsoleOutput::getProgressBar()
  • ConsoleOutput::getTable()

Remove the 2nd argument when calling these methods:

  • ConsoleOutput::progressAdvance()
  • ConsoleOutput::progressSet()