Deprecation: #73482 - $LANG->csConvObj and $LANG->parserFactory

See forge#73482


The properties of LanguageService (also known as $GLOBALS[LANG]) csConvObj and parserFactory have been marked as deprecated. Since these three PHP classes are not dependent on each other, they can be decoupled. The getter method getParserFactory() has thus been marked as deprecated as well.


These properties will be removed in TYPO3 v9. Calling LanguageService->getParserFactory() will trigger a deprecation log entry.

Affected Installations

Installations with custom extension accessing the LanguageService properties and method above.


Instantiate CharsetConverter (csConvObj) and LocalizationFactory (parserFactory) via GeneralUtility::makeInstance directly if needed, as they are Singleton objects and then fetched from the General Utility Object container functionalities.