Feature: #69394 - EXT:form - Directly load form wizard as inline wizard

See forge#69394


The wizard of EXT:form is loaded directly as inline wizard. There is no need anymore to save and reload the newly created content element in order to be able to open the wizard. This is a huge usability improvement. Additionally there is no need to provide individual doc headers. Instead, the centralized doc headers of the module template API are used.

The whole integration utilizes the nodeRegistry of formEngine and registers the wizard as new render type.

Furthermore, all JavaScript is loaded via require.js.

Since integrators and editors had massive problems with overridden form configuration the wizard cannot be deactivated anymore. Instead, the integrator can configure whether to load the form wizard by default or not. The following UserTS is integrated by default:

setup.default.tx_form.showWizardByDefault = 1