Feature: #72505 - Introduce hook to override a record overlay

See forge#72505


Prior to TYPO3 7 LTS, it was possible to override a record overlay in Web > List. This patch introduces a new hook with the old functionality.

The hook is called with the following signature:

 * @param string $table
 * @param array $row
 * @param array $status
 * @param string $iconName
 * @return string the new (or given) $iconName
function postOverlayPriorityLookup($table, array $row, array $status, $iconName)

Register the hook

Register the hook class which implements the method with the name postOverlayPriorityLookup:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SC_OPTIONS'][IconFactory::class]['overrideIconOverlay'][] = \VENDOR\MyExt\Hooks\IconFactoryHook::class;