Breaking: #77156 - TSconfig and TStemplate soft references functionality removed

See forge#77156


Soft references based on TSconfig, TStemplate and images within fileadmin/ have been removed.

The soft reference keys TSconfig and TStemplate that could previously be set via $GLOBALS[TCA][$table][columns][$column][config][softref] are not evaluated anymore.

The soft reference keys images, typolink and typolink_tag are not evaluating files within fileadmin/ anymore that are not based on the File Abstraction Layer.

The public PHP property SoftReferenceIndex::$fileAdminDir has been removed.

The following PHP methods has been removed without substitution:

  • SoftReferenceIndex::findRef_TStemplate()
  • SoftReferenceIndex::findRef_TSconfig()
  • SoftReferenceIndex::fileadminReferences()


Setting the softref properties TSconfig and TStemplate within TCA will not be evaluated anymore and will throw a deprecation message.

Calling any of the PHP methods above will throw a fatal PHP error.

The soft reference index will not be updated with the TSconfig and TStemplate properties anymore, as well as files directly linked or referenced with the fileadmin/ directory.

Affected Installations

If the soft reference index is evaluated in a third-party extension, this might result in unexpected behaviour.

All TYPO3 instances using extensions setting TSconfig or TStemplate soft references in TCA are also affected.


Remove the softref keys TStemplate and TSconfig from the TCA definition of the third party extensions.