Deprecation: #77432 - Extbase: Prepared Statement Query Option

See forge#77432


The option to use prepared statements within the Extbase persistence layer has been removed. The method getUsePreparedStatement() has been removed from the QuerySettingsInterface, as the database abstraction layer will take care of prepared statements automatically.

The implementation of the following properties within Typo3QuerySettings has been marked as deprecated:

  • getUsePreparedStatement()
  • usePreparedStatement()

The protected property usePreparedStatement has been marked as deprecated as well.


Calling one of the methods above within the QuerySettings object within the extbase persistence will trigger a deprecation notice warning.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 instance with an extbase extension using custom query settings using the usePreparedStatement() option.


Remove any calls to the methods within the extensions' code, as the TYPO3 abstraction layer will handle them automatically.