Breaking: #78549 - Override New Page Creation Wizard via page TSconfig

See forge#78549


In the past it was possible to override the "New Page Creation Wizard" via custom scripts when using page TSconfig via mod.web_list.newPageWiz.overrideWithExtension = myextension to define an extension, which then needed a file placed under mod1/index.php. The script was then called with certain parameters instead of the wizard.

The new way of handling entry-points and custom scripts is now built via modules and routes. The former option mod.web_list.newPageWiz.overrideWithExtension has been removed and a new option mod.newPageWizard.override has been introduced instead. Instead of setting the option to a certain extension key, a custom module or route has to be specified.


mod.newPageWizard.override = my_custom_module


Using the old TSconfig option mod.web_list.newPageWiz.overrideWithExtension has no effect anymore and will fallback to the regular new page creation wizard provided by the TYPO3 Core.

Affected Installations

Any installation using this option with extensions providing custom New Page Wizards, e.g. EXT:templavoila.


The extension providing the script must be changed to register a route or module and set the TSconfig option to the route identifier, instead of a raw PHP script. Any usages in TSconfig need to be adapted to use the new TSconfig option.