Breaking: #78581 - FormEngine TcaFlexFetch data provider removed

See forge#78581


The FormEngine data provider TcaFlexFetch has been merged into data provider TcaFlexPrepare.


If own registered data providers are declared to "depends" or "before" TcaFlexFetch, the DependencyResolver will be unable to find it and throws an exception or sorts the own data provider to an ambiguous place.

Affected Installations

An installation is only affected in the relatively unlikely case that an own data provider declared a dependency to TcaFlexFetch.


Move the dependency over to TcaFlexPrepare: The two data providers have been merged into one, it should be save for any data provider to hook in before or after TcaFlexPrepare instead. There is a little additional flex form processing in TcaFlexPrepare, so the flex structure might be a bit different. Have a look at methods removeTceFormsArrayKeyFromDataStructureElements() and migrateFlexformTcaDataStructureElements() for details.