Feature: #29399 - OptionViewHelper and OptgroupViewHelper for use with SelectViewHelper

See forge#29399


Allows manually definition of all options and optgroups for the f:form.select parent field as tag contents of the select field. The added ViewHelpers are TagBasedViewHelpers which means they support all standard HTML attributes.

Note that while tag content rendering is now supported, it is STILL not possible to create <option> tags manually - you HAVE to use the form fields!


<f:form.select name="myproperty">
    <f:form.select.option value="1">Option one</f:form.select.option>
    <f:form.select.option value="2">Option two</f:form.select.option>
        <f:form.select.option value="3">Grouped option one</f:form.select.option>
        <f:form.select.option value="4">Grouped option twi</f:form.select.option>


  • Adds two new ViewHelpers

  • Changes SelectViewHelper to allow tag content (but not manual options created without using f:form.select.*)