Breaking: #70316 - AbstractUserAuthentication properties and methods dropped and changed

See forge#70316


The property AbstractUserAuthentication::session_table has been dropped. The property FrontendUserAuthentication::sessionDataTimestamp has been dropped. The property FrontendUserAuthentication::sesData has been moved to AbstractUserAuthentication::sessionData and is protected now.

The method FrontendUserAuthentication::fetchSessionData() has been removed and its logic has been integrated into AbstractUserAuthentication::fetchUserSession().


Accessing one of these properties will raise a PHP warning. Calling the method fetchSessionData() will cause a PHP fatal error.

Moreover it is not possible anymore to use the getData function from within TypoScript to access session data. This functionality is replaced by a new API. (see forge#80154)

Affected Installations

All extensions accessing these properties will most likely not work properly anymore. Extensions accessing the removed method will not work at all.


Use configuration from DatabaseSessionBackend located in $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS]['SYS']['session'][/* Session Identifier */]['table'] or use AbstractUserAuthentication::loginType to distinguish between FE or BE login types.

Session data can be manipulated with the following methods in AbstractUserAuthentication

  • getSessionData()

  • setSessionData()

Calls to FrontendUserAuthentication::fetchSessionData() can safely be removed.