Breaking: #79327 - The veriCode - vC parameter is not evaluated any more

See forge#79327


The veriCode (&vC=...) parameter generated by AbstractUserAuthentication::veriCode is not evaluated anymore in:

  • ImportExportController::checkUpload()

  • FileController::main()

  • EditDocumentController::processData()

  • SimpleDataHandlerController::main()

Also the following properties have been removed:

  • EditDocumentController::vC

  • SimpleDataHandlerController::vC

  • ImportExportController::vC


Any code reading from the removed vC properties will now throw an "Undefined property" notice.

Affected Installations

Any installation having code relying on 'vC' property being present in aforementioned classes, or relying on vC parameter being checked.


Remove calls to veriCode or any vC HTTP parameter evaluation from your code. Ensure your code uses moduleToken to protect backend urls.