Breaking: #79622 - CSS Styled Content and TypoScript

See forge#79622


In order to streamline CSS Styled Content and Fluid Styled Content several options of CSS Styled Content have been dropped without replacement.

Options Dropped:

  • TCA image_compression

  • TCA image_effects

  • TCA image_noRows

  • TypoScript IMAGE noRows dropped

  • TypoScript IMAGE noCols dropped

  • TypoScript IMAGE noRowsStdWrap dropped

  • TypoScript IMGTEXT captionAlign dropped


The options mentioned above will have no effect.

Affected Installations

All Installations that use the options mentioned above.


Image Compression

Use global image compression configuration of TYPO3 instead of deciding compression on content element level.

Image Effects

Use CSS to apply effects on Images.

No Rows

Use CSS to style the output.

Caption Alignment

Use CSS to align the caption text to your preference.