Breaking: #79622 - Dedicated content elements for menus

See forge#79622


For better maintainability the currently existing content element menu has been split into dedicated content elements.

Database Key Name Description
menu_abstract Abstracts Menu of subpages of selected pages including abstracts
menu_categorized_content Categorized content Content elements for selected categories
menu_categorized_pages Categorized pages Pages for selected categories
menu_pages Pages Menu of selected pages
menu_subpages Subpages Menu of subpages of selected pages
menu_recently_updated Recently updated pages Menu of recently updated pages
menu_related_pages Related pages Menu of related pages based on keywords
menu_section Section index Page content marked for section menus
menu_section_pages Section index of subpages Menu of subpages of selected pages including sections
menu_sitemap Sitemap Expanded menu of all pages and subpages for selected pages
menu_sitemap_pages Sitemaps of selected pages Expanded menu of all subpages for selected pages

Affected Installations

All installations that use the content element "menu".


Run the migration wizard in the install tool. All shipped menu types from the TYPO3 core will be migrated to the new dedicated elements.

The migration is optional, you can also enable the extension compatibility7 that will make the old menu content element available again.