Deprecation: #78899 - TCA ctrl field requestUpdate dropped

See forge#78899


The TCA ctrl configuration option ['ctrl']['requestUpdate'] has been dropped. This option was often used together with displayCond fields to re-evaluate display conditions if referenced fields changed their value. Typically, a "Refresh required" popup is raised to the editor in those cases, if the editor did not disable that. The field has been moved and is now located within the ['columns'] section of the single field as 'onChange' => 'reload'.


The field is just moved from ctrl section to the single field columns section. An automatic TCA migration does that and logs deprecation messages.

Affected Installations

All TCA tables that use requestUpdate in ctrl section.


Monitor the deprecation log for according messages, remove the ctrl field and add 'onChange' => 'reload' to fields listed in requestUpdate parallel to label and config section of the field in question. The option can be added to multiple fields.