Deprecation: #79441 - Deprecate visibility internal caching arrays

See forge#79441


The following variables have been marked as deprecated in DataHandler since their visibility will change from public to protected or even be replaced by a run-time cache. The documentation states that these are "internal-cache" variables and hence the visibility public is misleading.

public $recUpdateAccessCache = [];
public $recInsertAccessCache = [];
public $isRecordInWebMount_Cache = [];
public $isInWebMount_Cache = [];
public $cachedTSconfig = [];
public $pageCache = [];

The following variable has been marked as deprecated in the DataHandler since it is not referenced in the class.

public $checkWorkspaceCache = [];


These variables should not be accessed in DataHandler from outside the class since their visibility or even implementation will change with TYPO3 v9.

Affected Installations

Extensions using one of the above variables.


None - since public internal