Deprecation: #79622 - Deprecation of CSS Styled Content

See forge#79622


CSS Styled Content has been the preferred way of rendering content in the frontend for a long time. Fluid Styled Content has been introduced as successor of CSC, but the feature set diverged from the beginning. The lack of flexibility and incomplete feature set in comparison to CSC made it hard to migrate existing instances.

Since TYPO3 CMS 7.6 Fluid-Templates are the defined standard and official recommendation for content rendering. The feature set of FSC is now matching CSC. Both content renderings are now streamlined to be fully compatible with each other. For the period of CMS 8 CSC will share the same capabilities to make a transition as easy as possible. CSC is now deprecated and goes into maintenance mode and will be removed with CMS 9.

Affected Installations

All installations that still use or rely on the content rendering of css_styled_content.


Create a custom content rendering definition or switch to a maintained one like fluid_styled_content.