Important: #82794 - Added config.sys_language_mode = content_fallback;3,2,pageNotFound

See forge#82794


If a translation (language UID 5) has a TypoScript configuration to config.sys_language_mode = content_fallback;3,2 the definition is that if this page is not available in this translation (language = 5) then check if a translation for 3 and after that 2 is set.

However, if none of the page translations is available, the fallback to 0 always applies.

On a set up like:

  • language = 0 is german
  • language = 2 is english-worldwide
  • language = 3 is english-US
  • language = 5 is russian

You would not want to fall back to german AT ALL.

It is now possible to define a special keyword called pageNotFound to not fall back to sys_language_uid = 0 if any other fallbacks do not work - so a 404 error page is thrown. config.sys_language_mode = content_fallback;3,2,pageNotFound