Breaking: #79615 - QueryBuilder getQueriedTables result format change

See forge#79615


QueryBuilder::getQueriedTables return value has been changed from array with key being table name and value being table alias (or null) to array with a key being table alias and value being table name. Both keys and the value should be filled. This allows to return multiple entries for the same table (in case inner join is made).

Example for the tt_content table inner joined with self and joined with sys_language:

  'tt_content_alias' => 'tt_content',
  'tt_content' => 'tt_content',
  'sys_language' => 'sys_language'

Previously the array (for the same case) looked like:

  'tt_content' => 'tt_content_alias',
  'sys_language' => null


All code which rely on the result format of the getQueriedTables method needs to be adapted. The first parameter of the QueryRestrictionInterface::buildExpression ($queriedTables) expects a new array structure.

Affected Installations

All installations with custom implementation of Query Restriction (classes implementing QueryRestrictionInterface). All installations where table array passed to buildExpression method is created manually (without using QueryBuilder::getQueriedTables).


The code of the buildExpression method in custom QueryRestrictionInterface implementations needs to adapted to be able to handle the new incoming array structure. Format of the first parameter passed to buildExpression needs to be adapted in case a query restriction is used directly (without using QueryBuilder::getQueriedTables).