Deprecation: #79770 - Deprecate inline localizationMode

See forge#79770


The localizationMode for inline relational record editing types is deprecated.


Using localizationMode set to keep and having allowLanguageSynchronization enabled at the same time is counter-productive, since it will deny the synchronization process for the affected field. That's why localizationMode is unset only if allowLanguageSynchronization is enabled.

Affected Installations

All having $TCA[<table-name>]['columns'][<field-name>]['config']['behaviour']['localizationMode'] defined for database tables that support translations.


Remove $TCA[<table-name>]['columns'][<field-name>]['config']['behaviour']['localizationMode'] definitions and make use of either one of the following

  • $TCA[<table-name>]['columns'][<field-name>]['config']['behaviour']['allowLanguageSynchronization'] = true if editors can decide whether to provide custom child references or synchronize all references from the language parent record - this comes close to localizationMode=select without having the possibility to selectively translate child references
  • $TCA[<table-name>]['columns'][<field-name>]['l10n_mode'] = 'exclude' if editors don't have a choice to translate child references - this corresponds to localizationMode=keep