Breaking: #57594 - Optimize ReflectionService Cache handling

See forge#57594


The extbase_object cache has been removed completely and all necessary information about objects, mainly @inject information, is now fetched from the ReflectionService as well.

The ReflectionService does still create ClassSchema instances but these were improved a lot. All necessary information is now gathered during the instantiation of ClassSchema instances. That means that all necessary data is fetched once and then it can be used everywhere making any further reflection superfluous.

As runtime reflection has been removed completely, along with it several reflection classes, that analyzed doc blocks, have been removed as well. These are no longer necessary.

The extbase_reflection cache is no longer plugin based and will no longer be stored in the database in the first place. Serialized ClassSchema instances will be stored in typo3temp/var/cache or var/cache for composer-based installations.

The following classes for internal use only and have been removed:

  • ClassInfo

  • ClassInfoCache

  • ClassInfoFactory

  • ClassReflection

  • MethodReflection

  • ParameterReflection

  • PropertyReflection

The following methods of the PHP class ReflectionService have been removed:

  • injectConfigurationManager

  • setDataCache

  • initialize

  • isInitialized

  • shutdown


Installations using the above classes or methods will throw a fatal error.

Affected Installations

Installations using one of the mentioned classes or methods instead of the ReflectionService API.


Use the class ReflectionService as API which will be automatically initialized on instantiation.