Breaking: #82210 - EXT:form - translation for "options" properties as string

See forge#82210


The templates for RadioButton and MultiCheckbox form elements have been changed. This was necessary to allow dots and special chars within labels and values for the "options" property of the aforementioned elements.


If a user utilizes his own templates for MultiCheckbox and/ or RadioButton form elements and translates the "options" property in the following way, the label will not be shown anymore.

{formvh:translateElementProperty(element: element, property: 'options.{value}')}

Affected Installations

Any installation which uses ext:form and own templates for MultiCheckbox and RadioButton form elements.



{formvh:translateElementProperty(element: element, property: '{0: \'options\', 1: value}')}

to translate the "options" property within MultiCheckbox and RadioButton form element templates.