Breaking: #82768 - Configuration Options for Image Manipulation PHP API

See forge#82768


The main PHP class GraphicalFunctions for rendering images based on ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick and/or GDlib has been cleaned up in order to optimize various places within the code itself, making more use of the proper "init()" function setting all relevant options.

The following previously public properties are therefore either set to "protected" or removed/renamed as part of the streaming process, removing the possibility to override any of the settings other than via the init() method within GraphicalFunctions:

  • GraphicalFunctions->gdlibExtensions
  • GraphicalFunctions->imageFileExt
  • GraphicalFunctions->webImageExt
  • GraphicalFunctions->NO_IM_EFFECTS
  • GraphicalFunctions->NO_IMAGE_MAGICK
  • GraphicalFunctions->mayScaleUp
  • GraphicalFunctions->dontCompress
  • GraphicalFunctions->dontUnlinkTempFiles
  • GraphicalFunctions->absPrefix
  • GraphicalFunctions->im5fx_blurSteps
  • GraphicalFunctions->im5fx_sharpenSteps
  • GraphicalFunctions->pixelLimitGif
  • GraphicalFunctions->colMap
  • GraphicalFunctions->csConvObj
  • GraphicalFunctions->jpegQuality
  • GraphicalFunctions->OFFSET

Additionally, the option to disable the deletion of tempFiles have been removed.

The global configuration option $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[GFX][processor_effects] is a boolean option now.


Setting any of the PHP properties above will have no effect anymore.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation with an extension accessing directly GraphicalFunctions or GifBuilder API via PHP and using any of the properties above.


Ensure all options are properly set when calling GraphicalFunctions->init() and remove all calls to get or set values from the previously public properties.