Breaking: #83265 - Dropped support for setting "typeNum" via id GET Parameter in Frontend

See forge#83265


The functionality to add the possible page typeNum to the "id" GET/POST Parameter has been removed.

Previously it was possible to call TYPO3 Frontend via index.php?id=23.13 (separated with a dot) which resolved in the page ID being "23" and the typeNum set to 13.

This functionality is a leftover from 2003, to shorten the URL and avoid multiple GET parameters. Instead, today it is common to use index.php?id=23&type=13 which TYPO3 uses internally everywhere since TYPO3 v4.0.


Calling Frontend URLs via index.php?id=23.13 - adding the typeNum with a dot - will result in a PageNotFound exception.

Affected Installations

Installations with multiple "typeNum" TypoScript values, and with very old settings and custom built URLs for the Frontend.


Use typolink functionality in TypoScript, or Fluid to build your URLs properly in the format of index.php?id=pageId&type=typeNum.