Deprecation: #81464 - Add API for meta tag management

See forge#81464


The following methods have been marked as deprecated and should no longer be used.

  • PageRenderer->addMetaTag()

  • DocumentTemplate->xUaCompatible

It has been replaced by the method PageRenderer->setMetaTag().

$pageRenderer = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(PageRenderer::class);
// has meta tag been set already?
$previouslySetMetaTag = $pageRenderer->getMetaTag('property', 'og:title');
// take some decision here
$pageRenderer->setMetaTag('property', 'og:title', 'My amazing title');


Extensions calling PageRenderer->addMetaTag() or DocumentTemplate->xUaCompatible will trigger a deprecation warning.

Affected Installations

All instances using extensions that call PageRenderer->addMetaTag() or DocumentTemplate->xUaCompatible.


Migrate code to use PageRenderer->setMetaTag($type, $name, $content) instead.