Deprecation: #82110 - Deprecate option "value" and "noscript" in SVG content object

See forge#82110


The following TypoScript settings of the SVG content object have been marked as deprecated:

  • value (in case renderMode is not set to inline)
  • noscript

The SVG content object renderer has used the two options "value" and "noscript" to render the given value into a <script type="image/svg+xml"> tag. This kind of implementation is very old and has been marked as deprecated.

The SVG content object supports two render variants:

  1. the <object> tag variant (renderMode = object) [default]
  2. the <svg> tag variant (renderMode = inline)

The second one is nearly the same as the script tag variant, so an alternative is still in place.


Using one of the two options will trigger a deprecation log entry.

Affected Installations

Instances which use at least one of the two options.


Use the new renderMode = inline to render a SVG file as <svg>