Deprecation: #83273 - Public properties of TemplateService

See forge#83273


The following properties within the PHP class TYPO3\CMS\Core\TypoScript\TemplateService have been marked as deprecated, as they were moved from public access to protected access:

  • matchAll
  • whereClause
  • debug
  • allowedPaths
  • simulationHiddenOrTime
  • nextLevel
  • rootId
  • absoluteRootLine
  • outermostRootlineIndexWithTemplate
  • rowSum
  • sitetitle
  • sectionsMatch
  • frames
  • MPmap

They should only be accessed from within the PHP class itself.


Accessing any of the properties directly within PHP will trigger a deprecation warning.

Affected Installations

Extensions accessing one of the previously public properties directly.


Remove the PHP calls and either extend the PHP class to your own needs or avoid accessing these properties.