Feature: #77576 - Introduce device presets and redesign the view module

See forge#77576


The view module was redesigned to provide a more modern and streamlined look and feel across the existing backend. With the introduction of named and categorized device presets we enable users to get a better idea of how the page will look like on a specific device. For even more easy testing, the orientation can now be changed without selecting a different device.

Register device presets via PageTsConfig

We are introducing a new set of options to have a more clear configuration. While the old configuration is still valid and can be used we want to encourage you to use the new configuration options label, type, height and width.

  • label defines the title shown, this option accepts strings and language files
  • width defines the width of the preview frame in pixel, this option does only allow integers
  • height defines the height of the preview frame in pixel, this option does only allow integers
  • type defines the category of the preset, allowed options are desktop, tablet and mobile
mod.web_view.previewFrameWidths {

   <key>.label = LLL:EXT:viewpage/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf:computer
   <key>.type = desktop
   <key>.width = 1024
   <key>.height = 768



mod.web_view.previewFrameWidths {

   1024.label = LLL:EXT:viewpage/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf:computer
   1024.type = desktop
   1024.width = 1024
   1024.height = 768

   nexus7.label = Nexus 7
   nexus7.type = tablet
   nexus7.width = 600
   nexus7.height = 960

   nexus6p.label = Nexus 6P
   nexus6p.type = mobile
   nexus6p.width = 411
   nexus6p.height = 731



A more streamlined view module will be available to all users that can be configured more easy and provides a set of more understandable testing presets to the users.