Feature: #81223 - includeCSS.inline property

See forge#81223


A property .inline has been added to page.includeCSS. If .inline is set, the content of the css-file is inlined using <style>-tags.



page.includeCSS {
   inline = EXT:test/Resources/Public/Css/inline.css
   inline {
      inline = 1
      forceOnTop = 1
      media = all
   other = EXT:test/Resources/Public/Css/other.css

Some notes on the implementation:

External files are not inlined. The inline-css is compressed if config.compressCss is set. Most other properties (.allWrap, .disableCompression, .forceOnTop, .if, .media, .title) work even if .inline is set. If .import and .inline are both set , the file is loaded via @import.