Feature: #82354 - Add possibility to get a label in a specific language

See forge#82354


The extbase related LocalizationUtility now supports retrieving the localization of a key in a different language than the initialized language of the given user. This allows for instance rendering a text in french while the users language is german. This feature works in the frontend and backend of TYPO3 and supports to retrieve the labels via an extension name or an explicit specified LLL:path/locallang.xlf:label key.

The ViewHelper <f:translate /> and the utility LocalizationUtility::translate() do support now two new optional Parameters languageKey and alternativeLanguageKeys to control the output language.

Hint: The alternativeLanguageKeys will be used "reversed" (this behaviour was not changed here but could be confusing). So if the alternativeLanguageKeys is defined with "fr,de", then "de" will used before "fr".

Basic Usage

\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Utility\LocalizationUtility::translate('someKey', 'extensionName', [], 'da');
<f:translate key="someKey" languageKey="dk" />