Important: #81201 - TCA populated available at any request

See forge#81201


Evaluating the global $TCA array, necessary to do access checks, or database queries, is now done within the TYPO3 Bootstrap instead of any request handler.

This is possible since TYPO3 v8, because TCA compiling is now completely separated from loading ext_tables.php of an extension, and is also available before instantiating a controller (typically TypoScriptFrontendController) in the frontend.

This leads to the following changes in behaviour:

  • TCA compilation is done earlier in the request process. It is handled after ext_localconf.php is evaluated, but before any further hooks are executed.
  • The full TCA is available even when evaluating any RequestHandler.
  • The global variable $TCA is now available at the very beginning of an eID request, it is not necessary to load TCA via EidUtility::loadTCA() anymore.

Side Note: This does not affect the install tool as it does a custom set-up of the TYPO3 Bootstrap.