Deprecation: #84984 - Protected user TSconfig properties in BackendUserAuthentication

See forge#84984


The following properties of class TYPO3\CMS\Core\Authentication\BackendUserAuthentication have been set to protected:

  • ->userTS: use method ->getTSConfig() instead
  • ->userTSUpdated: Class internal property
  • ->userTS_text: Class internal property
  • ->TSdataArray: Class internal property
  • ->userTS_dontGetCached: Will be removed in v10 without substitution

From the above list, property ->userTS is the most likely one to be used by extensions. As a substitution, the full parsed user TSconfig data array can be retrieved calling method getTSConfig().


The properties are still accessible in v9 from outside of the class but will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error if used.

Affected Installations

Instances with extensions that add backend modules which can be configured via user TSconfig may be affected by this change. The extension scanner should find possible usages in extensions.


Use ->getTSConfig() instead of ->userTS. Do not use the properties marked as internal above. Remove usage of userTS_dontGetCached and configure the UserTSconfig cache via the caching framework's configuration instead.