Deprecation: #84982 - Overriding page TSconfig mod. with user TSconfig mod.

See forge#84982


Overriding page TSconfig properties on a backend user or group basis is usually done by prefixing the page TSconfig path with page. in user TSconfig.

As an exception, properties within the page TSconfig top level object mod. could sometimes also be overridden in user TSconfig using mod. and omitting page.. This has been deprecated: mod. now needs to be overridden in user TSconfig by prefixing the path with page., too.


User TSconfig paths that start with mod. will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error and will stop working with core v10.

Affected Installations

Instances that set TSconfig on backend user or group basis starting with mod..


Simply prefix the user TSconfig path with page. as usual if overriding page TSconfig on user TSconfig level. Example:

// Before
mod.web_list.disableSingleTableView = 1
// After
page.mod.web_list.disableSingleTableView = 1