Deprecation: #85122 - Functionality in CharsetConverter

See forge#85122


The following methods have been marked as deprecated due to better functionality mostly provided by native PHP functionality, like mbstring functions.

  • CharsetConverter->synonyms
  • CharsetConverter->parse_charset()
  • Fourth parameter of CharsetConverter->conv()
  • CharsetConverter->convArray()
  • CharsetConverter->utf8_to_entities()
  • CharsetConverter->entities_to_utf8()
  • CharsetConverter->crop()
  • CharsetConverter->convCaseFirst()
  • CharsetConverter->utf8_char2byte_pos()

Additionally the following public properties have been changed to have a "protected" visibility, as these only reflect internal state:

  • CharsetConverter->noCharByteVal
  • CharsetConverter->parsedCharsets
  • CharsetConverter->toASCII
  • CharsetConverter->twoByteSets
  • CharsetConverter->eucBasedSets


Calling any of the methods or accessing any of the properties will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with extensions making use of the CharsetConverter methods or properties directly.


Use native PHP equivalents instead, see the methods directly for substitutes.