Deprecation: #86046 - Additional arguments in several TypoScriptFrontendController methods

See forge#86046


The following public methods within TypoScriptFrontendController now expect an argument:

  • calculateLinkVars(array $queryParams)

  • preparePageContentGeneration(ServerRequestInterface $request)

This is necessary to avoid usage of the PHP global variables $_GET/$_POST.

In addition, to be backwards-compatible with extensions previously using GeneralUtility::_GETset(), this method now also updates the global PSR-7 request for the time being, although this method will be removed in the future.

TYPO3 aims to not access global state in the future, in order to do proper "sub requests".


Calling any of the methods mentioned above without a method argument will trigger an according PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with extensions using these methods.


Inject either QueryParameters from a given PSR-7 request object or the object itself, by looking at the according method signature.