Feature: #83749 - Filtering and Pagination in the redirects module

See forge#83749


The backend module "Redirects" received filtering and pagination to improve the overall usability.

The list of redirects can be filtered by:

  • The source host
  • The source path
  • The destination (either the path or the Page ID)
  • The target status code

All filters are concatenated by a logical AND.

Pagination is set to 50 records per page.

Some minor usability improvements have been made as well:

  • The source path crops after 100 characters to keep the table from expanding too much.
  • The destination column also shows the Page ID if the target is a page.
  • Redirects are sorted by source host (1st) and source path (2nd).


With these improvements it is now possible to easily manage a big amount of redirect records.