Feature: #85256 - Install TYPO3 on SQLite

See forge#85256


The TYPO3 web installer allows to install the system on SQLite DBMS.

This platform can be selected if pdo_sqlite is available in PHP, which is often the case. SQLite can be a nice DBMS for relatively small instances and has the advantage that no further server side daemon is needed.

Administrators must keep an eye on security if using this platform:

In SQLite, a database is stored in a single file. In TYPO3, its default location is the var/sqlite path of the instance which is derived from environment variable TYPO3_PATH_APP. If that variable is not set which is often the case in non-composer instances, the database file will end up in the web server accessible document root directory :file:`typo3conf/`!

To prevent guessing the database name and simply downloading it, the installer appends a random string to the database filename during installation. Additionally, the demo Apache _.htaccess file prevents downloading .sqlite files. The demo MicroSoft IIS web server configuration in file _web.config comes with the same restriction.

Administrators installing TYPO3 using the SQLite platform should thus test if the database is downloadable from the web and take measures to prevent this by either configuring the web server to deny this file, or - better - by moving the config folder out of the web root, which is good practice anyway.


TYPO3 can be installed to run on SQLite. If choosing this option, administrators must check the file is never delivered by the web server.