Feature: #85947 - Page based URL handling

See forge#85947


Page records now have a field called "slug" that contains the website frontend path to the page, like "/team/about-us/". When a page has the field filled, the URL which the site is linked to, will receive a full URL to that page, instead of the common index.php?id=xy that TYPO3 builds by default.

When using Site Handling for a page tree, this page-based URL handling is enabled by default and requires proper URL Rewrite Rules from the server.

The slug field is shown when editing page records in the backend and is resolved to the page uid in the frontend if a "Site configuration" in the site module has been set up.

Note: Page-based URL handling only works if a Site configuration has been set up since otherwise neither the domain nor the language can be properly resolved which is a requirement to resolve the page path part of the URL.

Note #2: If a page has the path segment "/team/about-us", but there is no other page with a path segment "/team/about-us/", then an automatic 307 HTTP redirect to the proper URI is triggered.

Note #3: Since #85900 any request is always connected to either a Site or a PseudoSite Object, so even if the site configuration is missing, basic values are available for processing. Nonetheless, it is recommended to provide a proper site configurations for any site.


Integrators should configure their sites in the Sites module to take advantage of the core internal page based routing.