Important: #85683 - Dropped salted passwords options

See forge#85683


Some extension configuration of the salted passwords extension has been dropped:

  • FE.forceSalted and BE.forceSalted By explicitly setting forceSalted to 1 (default 0) in the saltedpasswords extension configuration it was possible to deny login of users who had not stored their password as salted password yet. This option has been removed. User who have been upgraded to salted passwords using the "Convert user passwords to salted hashes" from core version 8 are still able to login and will get their passwords updated to the configured salted password mechanism upon first successful login. This upgrade will be dropped in TYPO3 v10. Other non salted passwords mechanisms (simple md5 or plaintext) will however lead to a failed login. Administrators who did not yet upgrade their user base to salted passwords must perform the "Convert user passwords to salted hashes" in TYPO3 v7 or TYPO3 v8 before upgrading to TYPO3 v9.
  • FE.updatePasswd and BE.updatePasswd By explicitly setting updatePasswd to 0 (default 1) in the saltedpasswords extension configuration it was possible to avoid updating a given hashed password to the currently configured hash algorithm, but still allow login. This option has been dropped: A user submitting a valid password using an old salted passwords algorithm that is no longer configured as current salted passwords algorithm will always get his password updated and stored using the currently configured password salt.
  • FE.onlyAuthService and BE.onlyAuthService By explicitly setting onlyAuthService to 1 (default 0), it was possible to deny any further authentication service to successfully validate a user. This setting is mostly useless since any different authentication service is usually configured to kick in before the native TYPO3 internal authentication service. It does not make sense to have this toggle and a search in open extensions revealed no usage. On upgrading to v9, if you are running additional authentication services, please verify those have a higher priority than the default SaltedPasswordService, action is only needed if additionally onlyAuthService has been set to 1 in salted passwords configuration, which is probably never the case.