Important: #85833 - saltedpasswords extension merged into core extension

See forge#85833


The previously available system extension saltedpasswords has been removed as its functionality has been merged into core. All functionality is still available but renamed related to a better Hashing API.

This resolves a hard cross-dependency between EXT:core and EXT:saltedpasswords since TYPO3 v6 as it was a sane default to properly use password hashes.

Backwards compatibility is given by automatic upgrades of settings when visiting the Install Tool.

For composer-based installations this means the dependency to typo3/cms-saltedpasswords can safely be removed via composer remove typo3/cms-saltedpasswords, although this is not mandatory due to the fact that typo3/cms-core is noted as a replacement for saltedpasswords in its composer.json file.

In some edge-cases for non-composer-based installations it might be necessary to remove the saltedpasswords entry from typo3conf/PackagesStates.php.

Any checks for ExtensionManagementUtility::isLoaded('saltedpasswords') in third-party extensions which were not necessary (as saltedpasswords had to be installed at any time anyways), can safely be removed.