Deprecation: #86288 - FrontendBackendUserAuthentication methods

See forge#86288


Due to refactorings within AdminPanel, EXT:feedit and via PSR-15 middlewares, the extension class TYPO3\CMS\Backend\FrontendBackendUserAuthentication, which is instantiated in Frontend Requests as $GLOBALS['BE_USER'] has some unused methods which have been marked as deprecated:

  • checkBackendAccessSettingsFromInitPhp()
  • extPageReadAccess()
  • extGetTreeList()
  • extGetLL()


Calling any of the methods above will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation with custom PHP code accessing any of the methods above.


Use either methods from BackendUserAuthentication directly, or - if in context of Admin Panel or Frontend Editing - use the API methods within these modules directly, if necessary.