Feature: #86160 - PageTypeEnhancer for mapping &type parameter

See forge#86160


A new Route Enhancer is added to the newly introduced Routing functionality which allows to add a suffix to the existing route (including existing other enhancers) to map a page type (GET parameter &type=) to a suffix.

It is now possible to map various page types to endings.

Example TypoScript:

page = PAGE
page.typeNum = 0
page.10 = TEXT
page.10.value = Default page

rssfeed = PAGE
rssfeed.typeNum = 13
rssfeed.10 < plugin.tx_myplugin
rssfeed.config.disableAllHeaderCode = 1
rssfeed.config.additionalHeaders.10.header = Content-Type: xml/rss

jsonview = PAGE
jsonview.typeNum = 26
jsonview.config.disableAllHeaderCode = 1
jsonview.config.additionalHeaders.10.header = Content-Type: application/json
jsonview.10 = USER
jsonview.10.userFunc = MyVendor\MyExtension\Controller\JsonPageController->renderAction

Now configure the Route Enhancer in your site's config.yaml file like this:

      type: PageType
      default: ''
         'rss.feed': 13
         '.json': 26

The map allows to add a filename or a file ending and map this to a page.typeNum value.

It is also possible to set default to e.g. ".html" to add a ".html" suffix to all default pages.

      type: PageType
      default: '.json'
      index: 'index'
         'rss.feed': 13
         '.json': 26

The index property is used when generating links on root-level page, thus, instead of e.g. having /en/.json thus would then result in /en/index.json.


The TYPO3 Frontend-internal &type parameter can now also be part of a human readable URL with a simple line of configuration.

Please note that the implementation is a Decorator Enhancer, which means that the PageTypeEnhancer is only there for adding suffixes to an existing route / variant, but not to substitute something within the middle of a human readable URL segment.