IRRE / inline

Changed in version 12.0

Inline fields should not be used anymore to handle files. Use the TCA column type file instead.

New in version 13.0

Inline Relational Record Editing (IRRE) is a way of editing parent-child-relations in the backend view. Instead of child records already having to exist, new child records are created using AJAX calls (to prevent reloading the complete backend view).

The type='inline' is a powerful element that can handle many types of relation, including simple 1:n and nested 1:n-1:n relations, aswell as m:n relations with different view aspects and localization setups. When combined with 'ctrl' and 'types' properties in the TCA a huge amount of different views are possible.

The inline type was mainly designed to handle 1:n relations, where one parent record has many children and each child has only one parent. Children can not be transferred from one parent to another.

However, m:n relations can be setup using intermediate tables. An m:n relation is where a child has many parents. In addition to the main parent-child relation fields in the intermediate table, fields can be added to attach additional information to the parent-child relation. One example of this is "FAL" / resource handling in the Core. A parent record (for instance table "tt_content") is connected via table "sys_file_reference" to a media resource in "sys_file". A sys_file record has table "sys_file_metadata" as a child record which holds meta information about the file (for instance a description). This information can be overwritten for the specific file resource used in "tt_content" by adding a new description in "sys_file_reference". There are inline and field properties in the TCA such as "placeholder" to set this up.